About MM

Mister-Music is a music studio, a music label and a service provider for event technics.

As guitarist, percussionist, singer, radio DJ, composer and last but not least audio engineer I have been collecting many experience which are waiting for you, your productions and projects.

My technical studies „Audio Engineering Diploma“ as well as my music production studies „Bachelor of Arts“ I have graduated at the SAE-Institute Vienna.

In this conditions it´s possible to support you as musician, your band or your company in many kind of aspect.

Everything in life got it´s purpose find it´s reason.

Bob Marley

Mister-Music e.U.

Hons. Bernhard Müller
Hannovergasse 6/11+12
1200 Wien

Telefon: +43 660 2136257

First I want to give thanks to the almighty father, for making Mister-Music possible. Special thanks also to my venerable parents for supporting me physically and mentally, my sister for always believing in me and my brother with his company factor4 Internet Agency for making this website. Also special thanks to all other fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters in this world that help me in my life to reach till this position.